Injury Care Centre


29th Sep 2020

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About Injury Care Centre

Injury Care Centers are full-service urgent injury care facilities specifically designed to offer immediate medical attention to those who have been injured, whether by an auto accident or another type of injury. Our physicians provide all of the services that you would expect to receive. We combine progressive practices and the latest technologies to treat everything from whiplash and back pain to torn ligaments, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel.

About Our Practice

Injury Care Centers were established in 2010 to focus on injuries often overlooked in the Emergency Rooms of hospitals, which are soft tissue injuries. Soft tissue injuries can be caused by car accidents, sports, slips and fall, and more. Soft tissue is the muscle, ligaments, and nerves of the body and needs specialized attention for recovery.

At Injury Care Centers, we go above and beyond what other medical centers and physical therapy facilities do. We have cultivated a comprehensive treatment plan that includes the help of physical medicine, neurologists, athletic trainers, and chiropractors. We provide healing by taking a nonsurgical approach with PRP, Stem Cells, PiezoWave, and more. Our practice is always finding new advancements and high-tech medical equipment to ensure a speedy and long-lasting recovery.



Digital Health is a better way for emergency situations to reach hospitals and save more lives. So Expert Doctors and Surgeons are there to provide guidance online to save more lives. Also Injury Care Centre expanded its services to multiple locations to visit the patients’ health so patients can get a healthier life. Also, Injury Care Centre has physical locations so patients can go over there by booking an appointment and check their statistics of health.