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29th Sep 2020

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Design, Development, Website

About BlackTie

Guys … do you remember the last time that you rented a tuxedo? Was it a pleasant experience? Did you feel inspired and confident? Or was it a little awkward, uneventful and somewhat tedious?

Wearing a tuxedo is an opportunity, not a chore. You should feel confident as hell and feel like you OWN THE ROOM! But, how can you feel like you OWN THE ROOM if you’re renting a hand-me down garment that you have to return by midnight? Who are you, Cinderella?

Dude, pull it together! You’re not renting a persona for the night, you’re expressing (and owning) the kickass individual that you are. Own the tux, own the moment, own it all!

Sure … everyone would prefer to OWN their tuxedo if it was a reasonable option, but it’s too expensive, right? Not any more … welcome to BLACKTIE where we believe that it is possible to have a high-quality, stylish, and well-fitted tuxedo to OWN for the same price (or lower) as renting.

The BlackTie Vision


Yess, and then we decided to go over the e-commerce for the business growth, and here are our thoughts.

Buyers of all sorts — including B2C and B2B — are looking for personalized, custom shopping experiences online. The data collected from AI is what makes it possible for a buyer to get personalized product recommendations and detailed customer service.

Implementing personalized experiences on-site or in marketing efforts has been shown to have a strong effect on revenue, with one study finding it had a 25% revenue lift for retailers scaling advanced personalization capabilities.

For further context, this accounted for 19% of participating companies while retailers that were “building basic personalization capabilities” achieved “a revenue lift of 10% or more; the retailers in this tier account for 40% of the participating companies. 

Kaleigh Moore, freelance writer and e-commerce specialist, sees AI-powered personalization becoming increasingly relevant in 2020:

“As brands harness and leverage more data, they’ll be able to create incredibly relevant experiences for shoppers that feel tailor-made.”