04th Dec 2020

PRoject Type

Development, Website

About Otobots

Otobots was designed for the mutual benefit of our customers and our mechanics. We strongly believe in the power of a shared economy and frankly, we just don’t like paying more than we have to for auto repair and maintenance or waiting around to do so. The Wrench platform is designed and built for efficiency and ease of use by providing mobile auto repairs and maintenance where and when you need them. Otobots takes the stress out of owning a car and keeping it running smoothly by bringing only certified mechanics near you to your door, saving you time and delivering quality repairs and maintenance. Our leadership team understands problems like these and aims to solve them with technology.


Otobots is a vast network and people know about it but the problem is people have to go to the center for the appointment and it’s time-consuming. Also, paperwork is more resources need to handle people’s queries physically. More queries mean more people in the center and a lack of concentration in serve service.


Digital services are good solutions for multiple problems so diving into the SaaS platform is the best one for all the problems which are faced by Otobots. After lots of analysis and spending time, we prepared a model for Otobots which can be solving the problems. All kinds of Information related to people’s queries will be on the website so they can get all info that they need. by doing that people can save easily their time with just hands on experience with two fingers. We designed appointment services related form, Complaint form, Feedback form, How Otobots can improve their services by peoples feedback for their services. Also people can check the which kind of solutions provided for automobile and mechanical. By doing that Otobots expanded their services across the 40+ cities and its great news for business.